Film Poster Draft

Film Poster Draft This is the first draft for my film poster. The photo that I am using as my main image is part of my contact sheet and it's my own photography. I personally think that I can do better than this for my final film poster, but it shows the process of how …


Chosen Location

This post includes all the chosen locations for my short film, I made a little video of all the locations I visited and used to shoot in.

Equipment required

This post is explaining clearly of all the equipment I am going to be using while shooting and all the equipment that I require to create a good quality short film.

Location Release: N/A

As I am going to be shooting in four different locations. I won't need a location release for either of this locations, due to the fact that all of my chosen locations are public location so it's not necessary for permission to use a public location.

Call Sheet

This post is all about the information about my short film and any further inquiries and details on how I'm scheduling with the cast, equipment and dates to shoot.